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Frequently Asked Questions:

Hasn't Hillary said that she will "Never run for President?"  If so, why would anyone prepare against a Presidential run?

Hillary has said that she never intends to run for president.  However, having previously said that she had no interest in public office
(and squelching on that), we believe that it is important to not make the same mistake that the public has made in the past by taking Hillary for her word.

Senator Clinton is on the Homeland Security committee and visited the troops in Baghdad in Thanksgiving 2003.  Isn't it unfair to question her loyalty to the troops?

That is exactly what Senator Clinton would have you believe.  If you reference our section devoted to Hillary's disrespect towards military and first responders you will see many occurrences which show Hillary's hypocrisy.  Also, when visiting the troops, Hillary cut to the front of the line in the mess hall.



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